Fencing Demonstration

There are many ways to fence livestock.  Whatever type fence is preferred, the fence is only as good as the braces built.   But what is a fence brace?  Simply put, the term “brace” refers to the corner-post and end-post assemblies in a fence.   These assemblies are the most important structures in a fence, for they are the foundation on which the fence is built and quite literally hold the fence together!  Consider the force exerted when wire is first stretched in fence construction.    The force on a corner or end post can be 3,000 pounds.   Wire contraction due to cold temperatures may increase that force to 4,500 pounds.   These end and corner assemblies must be constructed to withstand these forces.  We have demonstrated the construction of a H-brace and a Bed Log Brace (otherwise known as a “Dead Man” Post Brace). 

For additional information, please see the University of Georgia Extension Publication, “Fences For the Farm” for a detailed explanation of braces, types of braces and where to use them, and fence construction in general. 

Click here to save a PDF of the above fence brace schematics